Lescegra is an OpenGL 3D engine and game framework, written in strict ANSI C. It has a very clean, object oriented design, and is easily extensible.


Section Progress
Multipass Rendering 70% (interface basics, stencil shadow render manager)
Rigid Body Physics 80% (using ODE)
Collision Detection 80% (using ODE)
Audio 0% (probably using OpenAL)
Embedded Scripting Language 40% (SWIG interface file generator, simple (non-oo) guile bindings)

Mission Statement

  1. Simplicity -- The interface and the rendering/animation process should be easy to understand and mostly self explaining even for novices.
  2. Flexibility -- It should be easy to integrate lescegra into existing projects, whatever toolkit, operating system or architecture is used.
  3. Extensibility -- It should be easy to extend lescegra with custom functionality.
  4. Lightweight -- Keep the dependencies to a minimum without reimplementing too much functionality.


  • Object oriented design
    • Object system with single inheritance and virtual method dispatch
    • Runtime type information
    • Runtime checked casts
  • Support classes
    • Matrix and vector function
    • Collision tests for planes, triangles, boxes
    • Random number generator, interpolation, lists
    • Endianess handling
  • Scene graph
    • Rendering, animation and collision detection
    • Flexible bounding volume interface
    • Particle systems
    • Multitexturing
  • Geometry
    • Continuous-Level-Of-Detail terrain
    • Quake II models
  • Bitmap Loader
    • PNG
    • PCX
    • TGA


Lescegra is known to compile on the following platforms:

Architecture Operating System Compiler
PC x86 GNU/Linux (Debian 3.1) gcc 3.3, tcc 0.9.22
PC x86 Windows XP MS Visual Studio Express
PC amd64 GNU/Linux (Debian 3.1) gcc 4.0
SGI Mips Irix 6.5 gcc, native cc



Pre-release 20050218

  • redesigned particle system
  • fix build system for in-tree builds

Pre-release 20050208

  • real class system
  • single inheritance with polymorphism
  • runtime checked casts
  • runtime type information
  • portability improvements
  • use autoconf
  • GNU/Linux (gcc)
  • Irix (gcc and cc)
  • Windows (MinGW)
  • continuous-level-of-detail terrain
  • interpolation routines
  • transparent single- and multipass multitexturing
  • simplified state handling (lights, fog, material, textures)
  • reference counting

Pre-release 20031204

  • geometries
  • generic mesh class
  • reworked md2 loader
  • textures
  • png bitmap loader
  • material and texture classes
  • improved error reporting
  • improved build system
  • terrain and octree fixes

Pre-release 20030728

  • completely new collision detection interface
  • abstract bounding volume interface
  • collisions with vertex, ray and sphere
  • visibility determination
  • improved terrain collision code
  • generic octree implementation
  • generic list and iterator interface
  • array based list implementation
  • documentation updates

Pre-release 20030713

  • lots of documentation updates
  • endianess conversion routines
  • error reporting facility
  • TGA bitmap loader
  • Pre-release 20030709
  • first public pre-release

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