Aquapark is a kind of 3D demo application, based on Lescegra. It was initially developed as the final assignement for the 2003 computer graphics course at the University of Applied Science Wedel, and has subsequently been transformed into a virtual reality application for the university's CAVE immersive display system.



  1. Extract the sources

     tar -xzf aquapark-VERSION.tar.gz
     cd aquapark-VERSION
  2. Link lescegra into the source directory (not necessary for the aquapark-full package)

     ln -s ../lescegra-VERSION lescegra
  3. Build aquapark (this will also build lescegra if necessary)

     ./configure && make
  4. Run aquapark

     ./aquapark [-f]


Key Action
mouse drag left button to look around
w toggle wireframe display
s toggle smooth/flat shading
c toggle backface culling
q quit



Release 20050218

Modifications to compile with lescegra-20050218.

Release 20050208

Almost complete rewrite for the CAVE of our Virtual Reality lab. At that time, the CAVE was still driven by an SGI Onyx2 with two 350MHz processors.

Release 20030728

Initial release as presented as the final work in the computer graphics course at FH Wedel.

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