Lescegra is an OpenGL 3D engine and game framework, written in strict ANSI C. It has a very clean, object oriented design, and is easily extensible.


Multipass Rendering70% (interface basics, stencil shadow render manager)
Rigid Body Physics80% (using ODE)
Collision Detection80% (using ODE)
Audio0% (probably using OpenAL)
Embedded Scripting Language40% (SWIG interface file generator, simple (non-oo) guile bindings)

Mission Statement

  1. Simplicity    The interface and the rendering/animation process should be easy to understand and mostly self explaining even for novices.

  2. Flexibility    It should be easy to integrate lescegra into existing projects, whatever toolkit, operating system or architecture is used.

  3. Extensibility    It should be easy to extend lescegra with custom functionality.

  4. Lightweight    Keep the dependencies to a minimum without reimplementing too much functionality.



Lescegra is known to compile on the following platforms:

ArchitectureOperating SystemCompiler
PC x86GNU/Linux (Debian 3.1)gcc 3.3, tcc 0.9.22
PC x86Windows XPMS Visual Studio Express
PC amd64GNU/Linux (Debian 3.1)gcc 4.0
SGI MipsIrix 6.5gcc, native cc


Pre-release 20050218 (unstable)

Older releases are also available.


Pre-release 20050218
  • redesigned particle system
  • fix build system for in-tree builds
Pre-release 20050208
  • real class system
    • single inheritance with polymorphism
    • runtime checked casts
    • runtime type information
  • portability improvements
    • use autoconf
    • GNU/Linux (gcc)
    • Irix (gcc and cc)
    • Windows (MinGW)
  • continuous-level-of-detail terrain
  • interpolation routines
  • transparent single- and multipass multitexturing
  • simplified state handling (lights, fog, material, textures)
  • reference counting
Pre-release 20031204
  • geometries
    • generic mesh class
    • reworked md2 loader
  • textures
    • png bitmap loader
    • material and texture classes
  • improved error reporting
  • improved build system
  • terrain and octree fixes
Pre-release 20030728
  • completely new collision detection interface
    • abstract bounding volume interface
    • collisions with vertex, ray and sphere
    • visibility determination
  • improved terrain collision code
  • generic octree implementation
  • generic list and iterator interface
  • array based list implementation
  • documentation updates
Pre-release 20030713
  • lots of documentation updates
  • endianess conversion routines
  • error reporting facility
  • TGA bitmap loader
Pre-release 20030709
  • first public pre-release

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